The cemeteries of San Augustine tell the story of Texas.

From missionaries to pioneers, soldiers to political leaders, the citizens of San Augustine have made a significant impact on Texas History.

Pictured at right are the the gates to the San Augustine City Cemetery.


Antioch Cemetery  
This cemetery has graves dating before 1870. Stephen Passmore deeded the first cemetery acreage in 1880 to T.W.M. Baggett and Nimrod W. Ware, elders in the Antioch Church of Christ.
5 miles north of downtown on SH 147
Bobbitt Cemetery  
The Bobbitt family settled in San Augustine County in the 1840s and the cemetery was started in 1873.
Remote Location off FM RD 1751
Chinquapin Cemetery (formerly the Loggins’ Burial Grounds)
Martin and Susanna Loggins’ daughter Minnie died in May of 1839, and in June of the same year their son Cade K. was killed. Both were buried on the east side of the Loggins home, the beginning of this family cemetery.
Remote location off Hwy 103
Dickerson Cemetery  
Established in 1858 when Levi Dickerson, son of William and Lucinda (Creel) Dickerson, died. He was buried on a hill across the creek from their home.
Remote Location off Hwy 103
Milton Garrett Cemetery  
The family cemetery stands adjacent to the the Milton Garrett House. This hand-hewn log house was built in 1826, and is the oldest standing structure in the County.
Private property: 11 miles west of the city on Hwy 21
William Garrett Cemetery  
The cemetery is located next to the William Garrett House, a two story plantation home built by William Garrett during the War Between the States. The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Private property: not visible, Hwy 21 West
Alexander Horton Cemetery  
The cemetery was established in 1849 when Wade Horton, a Texas Ranger, was buried there. Alexander Horton, Aide-de-Camp to General Samuel Houston, was interred there in 1894.
Hwy 147 N
Grave of E. O. LeGrand  
A signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence in 1836, E.O. Legrand was interred in the Macune Cemetery in 1870.
In the Macune Cemetery 
Little Flock Cemetery  
This cemetery was begun when Carrie Hawkins, age 6, died in 1883. She was buried on the west side of the old Little Flock Church. Joseph N. Erwin gave the first acreage of land for the cemetery and church.
Remote location off FM RD 1751
Macune Cemetery  
Originally the Hunt Cemetery, the Macune Cemetery was established in 1845. Nathaniel Hunt was buried there in 1849. In the 1880s the cemetery became know as Macune.
McRae Cemetery  
Located adjacent to the McRae Presbyterian Church. Organized in 1882 and known as the Wilson Presbyterian Church, the name was eventually changed to McRae Presbyterian Church.
Off Hwy 21 W
Elisha Roberts Cemetery  
Elisha Roberts, Alcalde and delegate to the 2nd Convention in 1833, was buried here in 1844. A year later his wife, Martha Gill, was buried by his side.
Located in the field behind the marker, visible from Hwy 21E
San Augustine City Cemetery  
Originally the family cemetery of J. C. Anderson, it dates back to the 1830s. Many prominent San Augustine citizens have been buried there.
Lt. Col. Philip A. Sublett Cemetery  
This cemetery was established in 1850 when Philip A. Sublett, a delegate to the Conventions of 1832 and 1833, and fought in the Battle of Nacogdoches, the Grass Fight and the Siege of Bexar, was buried there.
Cemetery located on private property next to the Philip A. Sublett home
Grave of Rev. Samuel A. Williams:(1804-1866)
He was a Methodist Missionary to the Republic of Texas, and was buried near his home.
Located on S.A. Intermediate School Campus, Barrett Street